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Graphics Gallery Contributions

If you are a student or faculty member in the IUP Mathematics Department, we would be delighted to have any interesting mathematics-related images that you wish to contribute to the department's graphics gallery. Please submit the following to Ed Donley.

  1. A 112 x 112 pixel version of the image in GIF or JPEG format. If your image is not square, you will need to pad it to make the image square. Consider the background color of your image. Some images are more dramatic with dark backgrounds and some are more dramatic with light backgrounds.
  2. A 448 x 448 pixel version of the same image in GIF or JPEG format.
  3. A description of the image. If the underlying mathematics is advanced, you might want to consider writing a two-part description, in which the first part is addressed to a general audience or a beginning college student and the second part is addressed to a mathematical specialist.
  4. Your name and the address of your Web page, if you have one.

The images and description must be your own. When you submit them to Ed Donley, you are giving the Mathematics Department permission to publish them on the department Web site. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Ed Donley.




The image along the right side of this page is chosen at random from the graphics gallery. Visit the graphics gallery to see all of the images and their descriptions.

Correspondence regarding this site should be sent to its maintainer, Charles Lamb, <clamb@iup.edu>.  Please see IUP's statement regarding pages that do not officially represent the university.

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