Colloquia Schedule for Fall 1994

All Colloquia are scheduled for 3:30 - 4:30 PM in room 240 of Stright Hall.

Date:	  September 8
Title:	  On the psychology of Learning Mathematics.
Speaker:	  Dr. George Mitchell	

Date:	  September 22
Title:	  Solitary Wave Solutions to Model Equations for Gravity Waves in a Stratified Fluid.
Speaker:	  Ms. Donna Clark	
Institutuion:IUP Student

Date:	  October 6
Title:	  Cummulative Sum Charts for Authorship Attribution: an appraisal.
Speaker:	  Dr. David Holmes	
Institutuion:University of the West, Bristol, England

Date:	  October 20
Title:	  Contributions to Mathematics by the Ibn Quarra Family.
Speaker:	  Dr. Maher Shawer	

Date:	  November 3
Title:	  Open Learning in Australia.
Speaker:	  Dr. Ross Gollan	
Institutuion:Deakin University, Australia

Date:	November 8
Title:	The Statistical Analysis of Literary Style: A Review.
Speaker:	Dr. David Holmes 
Institutuion:University of the West, Bristol, England
Note that the above mentioned talk should be of great interest to a broad audience and it is scheduled for 4:30 PM in the Auditorium in Stright Hall.

Date:	  November 29
Title:	  What should our secondary mathematics education undergraduates know about computers and calculators when they graduate?
Speaker:	  Dr. Larry Feldman	
Please note this talk is on a Tuesday. 3:30 - 4:30 in STR 329. 

Date:	  Moved to Feb. 16, 1995
Title:	  Teaching Abstract Algebra with ISETL.
Speaker:	  Dr. Francisco Alarcon

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