Tentative Schedule for the Spring 1995

Please note that all colloquia meet from 3:30 to 4:30 PM in STR 231/232, unless indicated otherwise.

Date:		February 2
Title:		Three famous problems of Greek Mathematics
Speaker:	Dr. Gary Stoudt
Instit.:	IUP

Please note that this talk is primarily intended for students.

Date:		February 16
Title:		An introduction to the Deparmental DOS-Windows Network
Speaker:	Dr. Francisco Alarcon
Instit.:	IUP

Date:		March 2
Title:		To be announced
Speaker:	Dr. Doug Frank
Instit.:	IUP

Date:		March 28
Title:		Ramanujan, Continued Fractions and Educational Reform
Speaker:	Dr. George Andrews
Instit.:	Penn State University

Date:		March 29
Title:		Objectivity, Nonsense and Mathematics
Speaker:	Dr. George Andrews
Instit.:	Penn State University

Please note this talk is in WEY 32 at 7:30 PM.

Date:		March 30
Title:		The Death of Proof
Speaker:	Dr. George Andrews
Instit.:	Penn State University

Date:		April 13
Title:		NCTM Standards - First Curriculum, second  Professional, 
		now Assessment.  What does this mean for 
		mathematics teachers?
Speaker:	Dr. Mary Enderson
Instit.:	IUP

Date:		April 19
Title:		Applied Mathematics and the World Wide Web
Speaker:	Clemson University

This talk, at 4:30-5:30 in STR 226, is intended primarily for students.

Date:		April 27
Title:		Some Coloring Problems Related to the Works of 
		Ramsey and Rado.
Speaker:	Dr. Daniel Schaal
Instit.:	Clarion University

Date:		May 4
Title:		Two-stage procedures for the integrated formulation
                for selecting the best population among k normal populations 
                with unknown variances
Speaker:	Dr. John Zhang
Instit.:	Syracuse University

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