MA 214: Probability and Statistics for Business Majors

Instructor: Ed Donley

Course Syllabus

The syllabus for MW 3:30-5:00 and syllabus for TR 9:15-11:45, including office hours and test dates.

Computer Assignments

  1. Computer Assigment 1
    Excel Spreadsheet for Assignment 1
  2. Computer Assigment 2
    Excel Spreadsheet for Assignment 2
    Poisson Distribution Spreadsheet Example
  3. Computer Assigment 3
    Excel Spreadsheet for Assignment 3
  4. Computer Assigment 4
    Excel Spreadsheet for Assignment 4
    Explanation of Part D for Assignment 4

Homework Assignments

Homework assignments from the textbook
Answers to homework assignments from the textbook

Hypothesis Test Review Problems

Review problems
Answers to review problems

Final Exam Review Problems

Review problems
Review problem solutions

Old Exams

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