Schedule for Academic Year 2001-2002

Please note that all colloquia meet from 3:30 to 4:30 PM in STR 240, unless indicated otherwise. Refreshments will be provided.

Date: November 1
Title: Finding the Square Root of Non-Singular Real Matrices
Speaker: Dr. George Mitchell
Instit.: IUP
Rating: PG-13

Date: November 15
Title: k-matchings in a Graph
Speaker: Dr. John Lattanzio
Instit.: IUP
Rating: R

Date: November 28
Please note this talk will be on a Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:00 PM
Room Weyandt Hall 201
Title: Mathematics Education in Korea
Speaker: Dr. Woo Hyung-Wang
Instit.: Korea University
Rating: G

Date: February 7
Title: Axiology within the NCTM Standards
Speaker: Dr. Michael Bossé
Instit.: IUP
Rating: R

Date: February 21
Title: Ideal Knots
Speaker: Dr. Eric Rawdon
Instit.: Duquesne University
Rating: G

Date: March 21
Title: Archimedes and the "Mechanics" of Calculus
Speakers: Heather Partner, Rene Rougeux and Robert Valeria
Instit.: IUP (Students)
Rating: PG-13

Date: April 4
Title: Factoring Polynomials in B[x]
Speaker: Dr. Francisco Alarcón
Instit.: IUP
Rating: R

Date: April 18
Title: Collatz's Problem - The Venus Fly Trap of Mathematics
Speaker: Dr. Paul Andaloro
Instit.: Kent State University
Stark Campus
Rating: R

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