Schedule for Spring 1998

Please note that all colloquia meet from 3:30 to 4:30 PM in STR 331-332, unless indicated otherwise. Refreshments will be provided.

Date: February 3
Title: The Mathematics Education Reform Movement: What does it mean for Teacher Preparation?
Speaker: Dr. Mary Enderson
Instit.: IUP
Rating: G

Date: February 17
Title: Problem Posing and Solving: LS 499
Speaker: Dr. Larry Feldman
Speaker: Dr. Margaret Stempien
Instit.: IUP
Rating: G

Date: March 3
Title: Workshop Statistics
Speaker: Dr. Charles Bertness
Speaker: Dr. John Zhang
Instit.: IUP
Rating: G

Date: April 24 **DATE CHANGE **
Title: A Systematic Approach to Developing Algorithms in Operations Research
Speaker: Dr. Dan Solow
Instit.: Case Western University
Rating: G

Date: March 31 **WILL START AT 4:15pm**
Title: Domains of Mobility for a Convex Body Moving Among Obstacles
Speaker: Dr. Rick Adkins
Instit.: IUP
Rating: G

Date: April 7
Title: Mathematics and its use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Speaker: Mr. Ronald Wilson
Instit.: IUP
Rating: G

Date: April 14
Title: Statistics Education through Quantitative Literacy: Changing Teaching Practices
Speaker: Ms. Elaine Carbone
Instit.: IUP
Rating: G

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